This is a new feature to our newsletter. In the coming months we will feature a different neighbor in this section of the newsletter. We want to highlight a neighbor who many might not know. This neighbor will be someone who quietly is making a difference to all.

This month our unsung hero is a man who does so many little things. He mows a portion of the median on 21st Ave SW. He brings in his neighbors garbage and recycling bins so that that it does not appear that his neighors are not home. He paints out grafitti when he sees it. He is always at our Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council meetings. He is always at our community events helping out. Do you know who is being highlighted here?

It is Gene Recker. Gene is a long time resident of Pigeon Point and has quietly been an unsung hero for many years. It is time that Gene gets a little recognition for his many contributions to our neighborhood.

Thanks Gene for being such a great neighbor!

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