Did you see the sign? A lot of West Seattle did. It was up from January 6th – 19th. It was on the West Seattle Blog and Komo News came out to interview a neighbor about it. We are not the first Seattle neighborhood to struggle with the issue of human and pet space, but it wasn’t fun to see the anger this brought up in a lot of people.  The original “no dogs, cats, or potbellied pigs” sign was removed by vandals.

The below sign was put up without Seattle Public Schools permission — as a neighborly request to be responsible pet owners. The School District requested that it be removed “because it implies that it is OK to have dogs on school property, and/or off-leash on public property” basically, the home-made, neighborly sign was too lenient.  

A request for a new “official” sign has been made. If you would like to help get an official sign put up, please report vandalism (removal of the official sign) here:  http://www.seattle.gov/police/prevention/graffiti.htm.

No Dog Poop Sign

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