How long have you lived in our Pigeon Point neighborhood? It doesn’t matter if you have lived here for a week, a year or a lifetime. We want you to be a vital part of this neighborhood. It is amazing, the things that can be accomplished when neighbors band together for a common cause. In the last few years many things have been accomplished. The speed humps on 21st Ave SW; the sidewalk along 21st Ave SW south of Genesee; stopping the housing project in the greenbelt because of environmental concerns; working with Pathfinder on traffic issues and the list goes on. Today we are faced with new issues that our neighbors want to do something about. Like doing something about the condition of 22nd and 23rd Ave SW and the lack of sidewalks, potential for turning the abandoned substation at 21st Ave SW & SW Andover into a neighborhood pocket park or whatever you can dream up that we as a neighborhood would want to work on.

These projects happened because of committed and caring neighbors wanting to make a difference in their neighborhood, neighbors with a vision and commitment to making Pigeon Point a better place to live. Do you have some spare time? Do you care about your neighborhood? Let’s come together and take on a project to help out Pigeon Point.


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