Hate Free Delridge

Hello Neighbors,

Many of you have voiced concern for the safety of those who live in our neighborhood and our community who may be adversely affected by the Executive Order that was signed by the president over the weekend.  On behalf of myself and the other co-founders of Hate-Free Delridge, we have heard your concern and we want to offer an opportunity for those of you who are interested to please join us on Wednesday evening, February 1st, to stand together as a community of neighbors who want our community to be a safe place for all our neighbors.

We will congregate at the walk-over/overpass on Delridge and Oregon (the one that connects the Delridge Community Center to Youngstown), and we will have our Hate-Free Delridge banner displayed.  We encourage you to make a sign and bring your own message (although this is optional, and you are more than welcome to just come and bring yourself).

We feel that one of the best ways for neighbors to help support and empower each other in times of uncertainty is to reach out to each other, listen to each other’s stories and be together.

This coming together event is our response to a citywide call that went out from our Mayor Ed Murray who is encouraging us to come together to show solidarity with immigrants and refugees (see the link below).


We will meet at the overpass at 6:30pm and will probably stay for an hour.  The citywide call from Mayor Murray specified 7:00pm, so we will answer Mayor Murray’s call by spreading our message of inclusion and tolerance and we hope you will come and be with us!

Hope to see you on Wednesday evening,

Rachel Glass
Hate-Free Delridge, Co-Founder


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