Our mission is to provide the Delridge community with access to fresh, whole, organic and local food at an affordable price.

Delridge Produce Coop
Delridge Produce Coop

The Delridge Grocery is working hard to sign up members and raise enough funds to open a store within walking distance of Pigeon Point. We will support the local farmer and backyard edible gardener by selling their yields to the community. This is a great idea that we can all benefit from.

We are excited to have the opportunity to reach out to you regarding your potential member/ownership of the Delridge Grocery Cooperative. Founding members are joining the Delridge food revolution, planting seeds of neighborhood investment and growing a healthier neighborhood for our families.   All coop activity, creation and promotion, at this point, is fulfilled by volunteers deeply committed to increasing access to affordable, healthy food along the Delridge corridor. This is our mission and with your help we will be opening this summer.

Please visit DelridgeProduceCoop.com and join today!

On behalf of the Delridge Grocery Board, we thank you for your support.

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