Thank you to the 10 people who attended the meeting this month. We had one guest speaker from Pathfinder. Thank you all for participating! The next meeting is April 13, 7pm in the Pathfinder library.

Crosswalks! A neighbor and a Pathfinder parent have both submitted applications to the city for sidewalks to be put along Genesee. We believe the chances are pretty pretty good! They would likely be put across Genesee at 20th and 21st. There may also be improvements to the one from the Genesee stairs to the park/school.

Spring Clean is April 25th! We’ll be meeting at the Neighborhood Emergency Hub at 9:30am. Please bring gloves, garbage bags, and pruners. We will be climbing the local stairs, cleaning up and pruning as we go. Treats would be welcome. There will be coffee.

Street Painting! Street murals have been shown to slow traffic. A Pathfinder parent is looking into the permitting process that would allow us to paint the street at 21st and Genesee . We will need helpers if we are to do this. Please leave a message here, on Facebook, or in the Google group if you would like to be kept in the loop about this.

May 9th is Garage Sale Day! The more registered garage sales we have, the better chances we have of traffic. Talk to your neighbors and see if you can list a “multi-family garage sale” with some juicy descriptions to draw in the buyers. It would be a good day for lemonade and cookie stands too! Keep tabs on the garage sales here:

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