My family loves Delridge Day. It is fun to have a little festival at the bottom of the hill, filled with people I know and those I don’t, but whom I know live close by.  Here’s a message from the Delridge Day planners:
Good Morning Everyone,
    For almost ten years our Delridge Community has benefited from the tremendous annual event, Delridge Day. Each year hundreds of our neighbors have come out to listen to some of the best local music around, watch skateboard demonstrations and competitions, and to interact with all the families that make us such a diverse and unique neighborhood. Each year there was always one absolute constant, we could’ve never done it with the help of amazing community volunteers.
    Delridge Day is Saturday, August 8th, and we would truly appreciate anyone who can make themselves available to help. We have a wide array of needs and times we need volunteers for, so even a small commitment the day of the event will make a huge difference. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up, and thank you.
Be Safe,
Dorsol Plants

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