We currently have many ways for neighbors to communicate with one another and find out about what is going on in the neighborhood.  Here is a list of all of the methods, the purpose for each, and how to join/use each one:

Facebook Group

You can find us on Facebook at Pigeon Point Neighborhood.  Click the “Ask to Join Group” button in the upper right to join.

Google Group

Our Google Group is a way to share information quickly and easily.  This is the most casual form of communication our neighborhood has.  This can be used for lost pets, suspicious activities, or just general sharing and neighborhood information.  In order to join, send an email request to pigeonpointcouncil@comcast.net.  Once joined, you can modify your subscription to forward messages as they are sent or on a daily subscription where one email is sent with all the days email (if any).

Email list

More official email is sent from our PigeonPointCouncil@comcast.net.  This is used for official announcements and updates.  If you don’t need to know about every lost cat, but still want to hear about neighborhood events, email us at PigeonPointCouncil@comcast.net and we will add you to the list.


This is our website where you can find articles, links, and information related to Pigeon Point.  If you would like to submit a story or picture for the website, email them to website@pigeonpointseattle.com.