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Community Conversations on Affordable Housing in West Seattle, December 7

The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, in collaboration with other City departments, is seeking feedback on a new program to create affordable housing in our neighborhoods and, more specifically, on the proposed zoning changes required to make that happen. December 7, 5:30-7:30pm (2 locations) SW Neighborhoods at Shelby’s Bistro & Ice Creamery SW Neighborhoods at Youngstown…

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Recap of the October Pigeon Point Meeting

Here are my notes. Please keep in mind that these are my notes for myself, so missing info or subjective info is just part of the deal. We could use a good meeting secretary — someone who can take notes more quickly and thoroughly than me. Even if you can only do it for one…


Progress on our playground

Thank You Pathfinder and Pigeon Point Community for helping us design the playground, get grants, find business donors, and for emptying your pockets to make this happen! The City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, King County, and businesses in our neighborhoods were the big donors. This would not be possible if every donation of time…

Pathfinder Playground Update: Construction Begins!

We wanted to provide a more complete picture of what that means and why we can’t set a definitive opening date yet. The stages to put it all together: Construction footprint – our contractor is going to put in the big footprint – removing asphalt, securing the support for the Esker and move the fences….